StartUp Plan website terms and conditions

  1. Introduction

Welcome to StartUp Plan! Here is the precise terms and conditions of our service:

  • Our mission: our mission is to spreading business knowledge for the betterment of start-up as well as existing business operation. StartUp Plan allows users to learn contents for their business usages.
  • Comment: Anyone can post a comment in the comment box. StartUp Plan has the right to delete, approve or edit the post that you commented. If you make a comment, you will solely be liable. We don’t take responsibility for your offensive comment.
  • Verification of Comment: We don’t verify your comment. Also can’t guarantee the readers about the quality of commented posts.
  • To Follow Startup Plan Platform: Anyone can follow our platform to enrich their business knowledge. To follow our platform, you have to agree to our terms and condition and privacy policy, copyright policy, and disclaimer policy.


  1. Using the StartUp Plan Platform:

  • Who can use: Anybody can use StartUp Plan platform since there is no adult content. We recommend using over 12 years of age. The users must accept the terms and condition of their living country for using this platform. If the user is minor (Under 18 years of age), the parents must be consent on behalf of users.
  • Registration: To get registered your age must be over 13 years. Several questions will be asked at the time of registration. You have to provide accurate information about yourself to complete the registration process.
  • Membership: There will be three types of membership plan to get access to our content. Those membership plans will be Basic, premium, and Custom. Basic members are eligible to get limited articles. Premium members will get all basic membership facilities as well as unlocking article facilities. Premium member will pay to unlock each article for a certain fee. Custom membership is eligible to get customized service negotiating our representative. The user must be 18 and above 18 years old for getting premium and custom membership facilities.
  • Privacy Policy: You must follow our privacy policy regardless you are registered member or not.
  • Termination of membership: The users may decide to close their StartUp Plan account. Or we can cancel membership anytime when we find fraudulent activities. You can disable an account by going to setting option. Once you disable your account, we will delete your information from our database.


  1. License and permission to use our content:

  • The basic and premium members can’t get permission to copy, reproduce, modify, store or publish our content using their own name. Conducting such activities if punishable
    offense. The custom members can use our service by own name.
  • Once a user posts a comment on our post, he/she can’t delete or modify afterward. If they think, they posted a comment by mistake, they have to contact us for modification.
  • StartUp Plan has the right to delete or modify your comment on our post.
  • Any article under the name of StartUp plan is the property of StartUp plan. Sometimes modification may occur for our post. We have the right to modify or delete our posts.
  • No endorsement or verification is required for our users to buy any membership plan.


  1. Advertisement

  • StartUp Plan platform is made for advertising google AdSense adds.
  • No other advertisement is allowed to place on our platform
  • This platform is not for advertising affiliate products.
  • We may provide some advertisement related to backlink purpose.


  1. Reporting violation:

  • If anyone makes violence regarding posting a comment, anyone can report us. We will delete or modify those comment.
  • If our content seems to be unlawful in any country, you can report us. We will delete or modify our content.


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