How to open bank account online instantly? No deposit required!

open bank account online free

Nowadays, opening a bank account online is as easy as a piece of cake. Earlier it was made through a lengthy process likewise to visit the bank provide them all requirements. The process of opening a bank account took a week in the past. But now the same is done just within minutes even without personally visiting the branch. Although in today’s world it is risky to keep cash in hand.

It is certainly better to maintain a bank account and enjoy the risk-free perks of having cash. As far as the policies of the bank’s anyone can open a bank account online free. Banks allow customers to open a bank account online free from home.

What is a Bank Account?

Almost, Banks enable customers to store money at the bank rather keeping in a home. Bank accounts are almost categorized into checking and savings accounts. Transaction accounts allow a customer to frequently access the money, via an automated teller machine (ATM) and online funds transfer through online banking. Most noteworthily, customers maintain transaction account besides a saving account.

Because saving accounts are created to earn interest and to perform other banking activities. Customers enjoy the interest in the balance amount. Spending and saving are two sides of a coin.  it is essential to save an amount from earlier stages. Saving accounts are beneficial in terms of interest.

The need for Bank Account:

If compared with past era people used to have cash in hand at their homes. Which sometimes turned into trouble like cases of robbery and other incidents took place rapidly. To avoid this situation it is better to deposit the cash in a bank account. If you have a sufficient amount you may have the option of a savings account. This earns interest on the available account balance. Following are the core reasons to have a bank account:-


The security threat is the main reason one can go for a bank account. Keeping bulk cash at home call for robbery, or sometimes workers of the house steal money. Besides robbery, other risks are also considerable probably natural disastrous. A bank account enables the customer to transfer a bulk amount of cash through online banking.


This is the topmost benefit, For instance, you have to pay your client you don’t need to get worried about handling cash. Bank allows you to make online payments. You have access to buy online products by having a bank account. Your order the product online and pay the amount from your Master card. Went out shopping no worries to have cash in the wallet you just pay from your debit card. Want to pay bills in a restaurant you can do it from your debit card.

Management of Cash:

Proper management of cash leads to success in life. It is a fact that you will spend more if you have cash in hand. On the other hand, you will spend less if the same cash is in the bank. It means that having a bank account benefits you to properly manage the cash.


If you choose the option of open a saving account. The bank will pay you interest on the remaining account balance at the year-end.

There are countless benefits if you have a bank account. You will be able to know how much you save and spend. If you opt for a saving account it enables you to earn interest on the account balance. Bank provides you bank statements which clearly show the spending over a specified period of time. Bank statements also help you to forecast your future budget.

Everyone has some goals in life and most of the goals are affiliated with financial aspects. If proper management of finance is done at an early stage you will be able to seek all goals you have planned for the future.

Besides the enormous benefits of bank accounts, you have to pay attention to protect your bank account from thieves. When you use a debit card for online payments make sure the computer is protected from the virus. In case a debit card is lost it needs to be reported immediately to the bank on the provided contact number.

Business Current Account / Checking Accounts:

Various financial institutions are offering different products to customers, for instance, business checking accounts and savings accounts. The business lends money to the bank under both accounts payments in return are guaranteed by FDIC. Business accounts are suitable for businesses that need frequent cash transactions. Checking account provides the ease to frequently deposit and submit amounts.

Every financial institution has a different fee structure for checking accounts. It is the responsibility of the business to choose the cheapest one.  When Bank opening a checking account online following needs to be considered:-

Ease of use: Is the checking account useful for other business matters also?

Bank Network: The most essential thing while choosing a bank is to study the network of a bank. Sometimes most of the banks have fewer branches in major cities which creates trouble for businesses operating in remote areas.

Fees: How the bank charged customers on the facilities they provide.

Additional Features: Compare banks choose the one which offers some additional facilities.

Introductory Offer: Determine whether the bank offer any bonus to new customers.

Classification of account:

  • Single
  • Joint account

If you choose a single account you are the sole owner of the bank account. In contrast, the joint account holds with more than one person. You can open a joint account with a family member or business partner. Once you select a single or joint account. Next decision as to whether you are interested in checking, saving, or any other type of account.  The bank / financial institution is interesting to open a bank account online free offers a wide range of products.

You have to compare and choose the best as per your requirements. Make sure the account you are opening is insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Think of the worst scenario if the bank goes bankrupt your money will be insured.

Procedure to open a bank account online:

Banks have both facilities, opening an account online else visit the bank physically. It is quite easy to open a bank account online free with no deposits. If you have a busy schedule and don’t want to visit a bank. Just go to the website of the desired bank. Or download the mobile application of your desired bank. The bank allows you to process the online bank opening form instantly. Most of the banks initially require basic information about account openers on a pre-formatted web page.

After submitting basic information, they provide downloadable documents or forms for future use. Your bank account is open but it is limited to conduct the transaction. To enable transaction service, you may need to visit the bank physically. Many a bank has a customer relationship officer. They provide account opening service at your home. They collect other necessary information and verifies the address at your door. Some bank has a fully online process to open a bank account.

They require all scanned documents over online on their website. If you want the full facility of a bank, you should visit a bank physically the first time. If your bank has a customer relationship officer, you just need to fill up an online application to open a bank account online. The officer will contact you and will provide you with all other services at your home. Now opening a bank account is free of costs. Many of the banks don’t require a deposit amount to open a bank account. You just need to fill up the online form after that your account is live. You’re ready to perform transactions.

Required documents for opening an online bank account online:

Most of the banks require basic information to open an online bank account.  After that, they need other information other necessary information depending on country’s restriction and bank. The bank requires other information depending on the type of account. If you are opening a saving account, it will be less complicated than checking account or current account. If you are opening a checking account, you may need business identification number, tax identification number of business etc. Bank will require the following basic documents to open a bank account online: –

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal address
  • Valid Social security number
  • Copies of driver’s license or any other proof of identity
  • Information of existing account if any


Example: Opening Checking account in Chase Bank

Among all peers in the market, chase bank is topmost in terms of checking account. Chase Bank has more than 5100 branches across the country with 16000 ATMs, a user-friendly mobile app, and easy to access the website. Chase bank checking account allows the customer to deposit an unlimited amount.

After necessary research, you want to open a bank account online in chase bank.  Just log in to your computer make sure you are using a secure internet connection to avoid information losses. Go to the website of chase bank and request the process of an online checking account. After this, you have to fill the application online by using a secure internet connection. You will provide all personal information make sure the internet connection is secure enough. A bank requires the following information.

First of all, make sure all the information you provide is errorless:-

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal address
  • Valid Social security number
  • Copies of driver’s license or any other proof of identity
  • Information of existing account if any
  • Business identification number (BIN) in case of business named account

Above details must be accurate in order to facilitate the bank with the smooth processing of opening bank account online. Once entered the data you must counter check all the details to avoid spelling mistakes. Proper contact information provided so you will receive your debit card on the address.

Mostly, you have to submit only online information to the bank. But in some cases your bank asks for sending additional documents via fax or email, to verify your identity. Sometimes bank approaches you to provide information on other accounts held by you. If you are fewer than 18 then the bank need details of your parents and make them co-signer. Online bank account request confirms you to read the agreement and accept it, this is sort of paperless agreement.

List of Banks offer free online account opening with no deposit in the USA

  • Capital One
  • Chase Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • Chime
  • Ally
  • Bank 5 Connect
  • Bank of America

Maintaining a bank account is essential for individuals as well as for the businesses. Somewhere it is a requirement for the job holders to have a bank account. Businesses need a bank account to keep low cash in hand to avoid losses and robbery. The banking industry is vast and there are too many options, from which the best suitable option needs to choose. It is essential to choose a bank which provides sufficient benefits as compared to others in the market.

A right choice leads to getting more benefits from having a bank account.  To avoid traveling it is necessary to go for an online bank account and open the desired bank account free. Provide all the necessary requirements asked by the bank through an online form. To avoid frauds and get your personal data hacked you have to use a secure internet connection. Therefore an updated version of antivirus must install on the computer.


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