How Instagram Can Be Used to Boost Online Sales for Small Businesses

Let’s face it! We are talking about the use of Instagram for small businesses to maximize online sales. Businesses are providing massive importance to Instagram owing to the continually rising userbase of this social application. Instagram is the home to 1 billion monthly active users, which is only anticipated to grow further in the future. The ever-growing user base has caught the attention of businesses of all sorts, which tend to find their customers through social applications. It doesn’t mean that only top brands can excel on Instagram.

Even if you are a small business by having a stellar strategy and making use of Instagram’s fullest potential, you can maximize your business and climb up the ladder at ease. Today, Instagram has turned into one of the most diverse social applications with people involved in various interests, companies being active. So, irrespective of your niche, you are having a huge share of your future customers on this platform. We spill the beans to recognize them and turn them into your loyal customers. Services like Trollishly will help you to fetch good profit on Instagram.

Use of Instagram for Small Business to Boost Online Sales

Instagram is a powerful social tool for small businesses to generate online sales. To do that some effective techniques need to follow for getting success on Instagram.

use of Instagram for online businesses

Switch To Business Account

Instagram has rolled out the ‘business account’ feature that is exclusively designed for companies aiming to enhance their business through this social application. So, switching from a standard account to a business account is the foremost essential factor you have to do. Getting enrolled as a business account will unlock new features to elevate your social sales.

Get Access To Analytics

Assessing the performance of your posts is the primary requirement to achieve your sales goals on Instagram. Only if you are aware of the way your posts perform you can make necessary modifications and drive people. As soon as you switch to a business account, you will get access to analytics, which gives you insights into the people who visited your page, demographics, and activity on your posts. Thus, switching to a business account is pivotal in refining your strategy and to reach many people. 

Incorporate Links To Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have a commendable engagement rate. Let us consider that you have posted an image of a new product on Instagram stories. By switching to a business account, you can add a link to the Instagram stories that could lead the customer to the purchase page. Many brands have achieved higher sales through this measure. You cannot add links to Instagram stories until you switch to a business account.

Join Hands With Micro-influencers

Among all the tactics, Influencer marketing is regarded as the most efficient one to drive sales on Instagram. Influencers are the common people who have garnered a massive fanbase for them by delivering engaging content to people. Notably, these influencers have earned a good name among their followers. Right from million-dollar companies till start-ups are collaborating with influencers. Studies have predicted that influencer marketing will grow into a $15 billion business by 2022. Influencers are levying a hefty charge on their recruiters by taking advantage of the growing demand for them.

Since you are a small business, you probably cannot pump-in the money demanded by the majority of these influencers. So, you can collaborate with the micro-influencers who will fit in with your budget. These influencers are the people who have followers ranging from 1000-100,000. Promoting your brand through 3 to 4 micro-influencers at a time will also help in elevating your brand awareness and increases your sales. Though the budget plays a key role, there are also other factors you should consider before going with an influencer. The intention behind any promotion you make on a social platform is to recognize your target audience and get in contact with them. You can achieve it quickly if you collaborate with the micro-influencers in the same niche.

For instance, let us assume that you are about to promote muscle growth bodybuilding supplements. Some bodybuilders are active on Instagram having a consistent follower base and providing tips to gain a good physique. Not everyone could afford a personal trainer. So, people are following these bodybuilders. They workout and manage diet plans as instructed by these influencers. Thus, you can promote your supplement through these bodybuilders. Going with the micro-influencers in your niche will minimize the duration of finding a prospect till turning him into your customer.  

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are primarily known for their higher engagement rate. A recent study has stated that people are used to checking Instagram stories as soon as they open the application. Hence, Instagram stories can be utilized to remind people about your brand. You can post both images and videos on Instagram stories. However, Generation Z is mostly inclined towards watching short-duration videos. Since Instagram stories have only a duration of 15 seconds, you can use this feature to drive Generation Z. Every Instagram story post will last only for 24 hours from the time it has been uploaded. So, if you are capable, ideate new concepts to create videos around your brand daily and upload them to your Instagram stories. In such a manner, you can stay in touch with your followers and strengthen the bond with them. 

Launch Quizzes

Instagram Stories can be taken advantage of in multiple ways. It will work effectively to run contests as you can launch a quiz on the Instagram stories section. Frame questions for quiz in such a manner that it will build a good image for your company among the viewers. For instance, let us consider that you were awarded as the best small scale business for 2019. Shoot out the questions as ‘For which year we are recognized as the best small scale business’. Framing questions in such a manner will build a good image for your company, which is the essential factor to make people buy your product.

Go With Polls

Polls can also be taken advantage of to stay connected with your target audience. Let us consider that you own a burger shop, and you are willing to give some offers on specific items to your customers. Rather than deciding yourself, leave it to your customers. Launch a poll on the Instagram stories section by listing any four items as per your wish. At the end of the poll, you would get to know the food item for which most people are drooling for. Looking for the recommendation from the customers will make them feel that you value their opinion. Thus, launching polls on Instagram stories for such purposes will build a good reputation for you.   

Enhance Your Organic Reach Effortlessly

Today, the organic reach of posts have come to a standstill on almost all the major social platforms. But Instagram stands out in the crowd by giving a pathway to you to enhance the reach of your posts organically. 

Explore Tab

Explore Tab will help you drive new people to your page without spending even a single penny. Explore Tab is the place where people can find new content that could interest them. Instagram curates the Explore tab based on your previous activity. For example, if you are a man who is fond of motorcycles, most probably you have been following many motorcycle brands on Instagram and interacted with their posts.

Once you jump into the explore tab, you will find motorcycle posts from the pages you haven’t interacted with before. Thus, the Explore tab works in such a manner. Your post should be image-centric and rich in colors besides having a good engagement rate to get into the explore tab. If your post possesses these characteristics, it will be available in the explore tab of your target audience’s Instagram accounts. Thus, you can generate new customers for your business through the explore tab.


Many are not aware of the potential of hashtags. It will enhance your brand awareness in manifolds. To achieve this, you have to choose hashtags wisely. Do in-depth research and find the common words used by people to search for products in your industry. For instance, if you are into the cosmetic industry, use hashtags such as #cosmetics, #glow, #beauty products. These are the hashtags that are commonly followed by people who are fond of beauty products. Thus, add hashtags to your every Instagram post relevant to your industry, which in turn maximizes your posts’ organic reach. 

Take Advantage Of Instagram Reels  

Instagram Stories and Reel for business

The advent of Instagram Reels is the talk of the town among digital markets. With the user base of Instagram increasing steadily, the rolling-out of this feature will only boost the process further. For people who don’t know, Instagram Reels is the exact duplication of TikTok. Since TikTok is under pressure over various accusations, its image has been damaged severely. Making use of this opportunity, Instagram has rolled out a similar video feature into its application. Since Reels are short duration videos, you can take advantage of it to grab the attention of Generation Z. You will also enjoy the comfort of getting access to the Instagram music library. Thus, you can choose the background score of your choice from a vast number of available tracks in the library.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has attained an indispensable place. In social media marketing, the majority of companies are focussing only on Instagram. This could be attributed to the ever-growing user base of Instagram. So, choosing Instagram to upscale your business is quite an appreciable move. By following the measures suggested by us, you can outpace your competitors and elevate your social sales effortlessly.

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