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Best Web Host for Small Business in 2020 – An Ultimate Guide


Let’s face it. You may know about what web hosting does. A good web hosting service is very much essential to reach an online business to the next level. If it is not a business, it can be a service, person, charity, NGO, online blog, or any other means of an online presence. Nothing can be achieved without a good web host service. Let’s talk about the best web host for small businesses. In the whole article, we are going to focus on the best web host 2020. To do that, we together need to analyze a large number of factors that are associated with the best web host in 2020. 

Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business in 2020

Let’s talk about the parts of this article. In first part, we are talking about the factors associated with best web hosting service. And in the second part, 10 best web host providers are arranged and discussed hierarchically that are best fit for small business in 2020.

Things to Consider Choosing Best Web Host in 2020

Uptime and Downtime

Uptime and downtime come first when you are finding the best web hosting for small business in 2020. The uptime is an operational time of a web server. It indicates how much time the server remains up or running for a particular period of time. The downtime means a non-operation time of a web server. Both the term measures in a percentage form. The uptime and downtime are most commonly calculated on a weekly basis.

The higher percentage of uptime indicates a better web hosting provider. For example, 99.99% uptime indicates a good web hosting service. To be a good web hosting provider, the percentage of uptime must be in a good range. Because the customer can not get access to web pages if downtime is high. If downtime is higher, your company may lose customer engagement and trust. It is also a search engine ranking factor. So uptime is very important for your web presence. 

One more thing needs to check when you are checking uptime. It is the consistency of uptime for a long period of time. A user of hosting service may notice that uptime for a week is larger than the uptime for a month or year. Uptime may fluctuate during a long period of time. Therefore average uptime for a long period is more important than short uptime. 

Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of web a page is vital to gain success in the digital world. It means how fast the hosting is to respond to customer queries. The loading speed of web pages does not only depend on internet connection but also on the server speed of hosting. If web page delays to respond, visitors or customers may switch to other websites. You should keep in mind the loading speed at the time of buying hosting services.


All know that customers do not wait a long time for loading a web page. The higher loading speed indicates the higher response of a web server. It is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. To find out the best web host in 2020, you should look into a large number of factors, and the page loading speed is one of them.

It is not just looking at the speed at a particular time. If you want to get success in web presence, the average speed of a long time should be taken into consideration. At the same time, the fluctuation of speed from average needs to analyze besides the speed of a single time period. 


Security is one of the major factors at the time of choosing a web hosting. Tight security is necessary to prevent sensitive information from cyber theft. Without high-level security, your valuable information will be at risk. There are various types of security provided by the hosting providers which include SSL, HTTPS, CDN, secure data center, firewalls, DDoS protection, whois guard protection, Spam filtering, virus protection, and so on.

Not all types of security are necessary for your website. It depends on how sensitive your information is. You should make the decision based on your needs. Because of extra security service associated with costs. So, the security of the web host is inevitable to avoid discrepancies. 

Customer Service

It is not that just buying a web hosting and running a website. Approximately most of the users do not have strong knowledge about web hosting. Hiring a specialist is associated with costs. The maintenance of hosting is equally important to purchasing web hosting. Therefore, good customer service is essential to avoid uncertainty or disruption. We are mentioning some key points that need to consider before buying a web hosting service:

  • 24/7 support facility
  • Availability of customer service agent
  • The expertise of customer service agent
  • Quick problem solving
  • Secured communication with service agents
  • Waiting time to get connected with service agents

There are three types of customer service provided by hosting companies which are discussed below:

  • Phone support: this is the fastest way of getting customer support. You can make a call whenever you need support. Sometimes it is not possible because of the high charges of international calls and language barriers. If you live in the same region, it will be very easy for you.
  • Live Chat: It is the most popular feature of getting customer service from hosting companies. But it takes some time to be connected with them.
  • Email Support: If you face any problem related to web hosting, you can write and send an email to them at any time. But email support takes time to get a response from an agent.

So, fast, efficient and 24 hours support is necessary to solve problems. Otherwise, business operations will be interrupted.


Buying a hosting service is associated with money. Although there are some free hosting services available, those services are valueless. The price of hosting very much depends on type, quality, and storage of services. Since services are related to costs, you need to identify first what services required for your business. If you are looking for the cheapest hosting then shared hosting is the best at a comfortable price. This type of hosting is good enough for beginners. If your business needs a dedicated server, dedicated hosting or VPS hosting will be the best to maintain business operations.

User Friendliness

When we talk about user-friendliness, the easiness of using services comes first to describe. The easiness of Cpanel is important to set up all the things quickly and accurately. Think, you have purchased a very good web hosting where you can not set up your website. Or you can not update settings. You need an expert to do that. Then it will be complex for you. It is also necessary when buying a hosting service. Simple and easy navigation saves time and effort. 

Product Features

It is not just storing data on a web host. A large number of things associated with it. It includes security services, purchasing domain, different types of hosting services, consultation services, and others. Imagine, you purchased a domain from NameCheap and hosting from Bluehost and security services from GoDaddy.

Then the things will be complex to set up. Though it is possible to buy and set up services from separate companies. If you purchase each service from separate companies, it will increase your costs. Therefore a hosting company with a large variety of products and services is preferable to a small one. The quality of services is important rather than just availing services.


The most common services that a hosting company should have are WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. The products that a hosting company has are domain, security, professional services, etc. These services keep a small business away to find another service provider. Alter all good hosting and associated products save price and time of a small business owner along with maintaining long-term customer relationships.


The term flexibility is denoted here for service cancellation, service migration, transfer, money back, etc. In more detail, you brought a shared hosting package for your business for 2 years. After 20 days, you identified that shared hosting is not sufficient for your business.

You may contact to hosting provider that you need to change shared hosting to dedicated hosting. If the hosting provider does not have a product changing facility, it will be a big problem. Similarly, some service providers should have a money-back guarantee, data transfer, ownership transfer,  etc. These facilities give user flexibility for future instances. 


The bandwidth and its quality are important when purchasing a hosting service. Bandwidth refers to the data transfer rate between website and hosting server. It very much depends on the type of hosting package you purchased. The bandwidth is normally assigned for a monthly basis. Though some company provides unlimited bandwidth facility, It is rare and costly. If your data size and visitor are small, unlimited bandwidth will be useless. 


It is all about the overall performance of commitment provided by the hosting company. It includes the consistency of services, disruption, reducing price, new features, security enhancement, etc. To buy a hosting service, you should investigate the past performance provided by the company. It helps to decide which is the best web host for small business in 2020.

Best Web Host for small business in 2020

1. Bluehost

If you are looking for options and doing your research on the best web host for small businesses in 2020, then you surely have come across the word Bluehost. That is because Bluehost has earned immense popularity in the web hosting sector with its consistent service quality. Want to know how? Then stick to this article for every useful detail about web hosting.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a highly reputable and worldwide acknowledged web hosting brand. Endurance International Group (EIG) is the owner company of Bluehost since 2010. Bluehost is currently powering over 2 million websites all over the entire globe. It has earned its position among one of the three renowned companies endorsed by WordPress. If you are new to WordPress, then get the fact that it is considered to be the leading content management system in the world. 

Brief background of Bluehost

Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth founded Bluehost in 2003 in Utah. Then Endurance International Group (EIG) owned Bluehost from 2010 up to date. In 2017, Shuhaid Zaheer became the CEO. In recent time, Bluehost is officially located in Burlington, MA, and hosting over 2 million websites. 

Bluehost’s service types

Considering the user demands in mind, Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting services. Bluehost has turned to be a one-stop-shop service provider ranging from beginner bloggers to established e-commerce and much more.

There are basically six main hosting categories of Bluehost such as 

  1. Shared
  2. Shared WordPress
  3. VPS ( Virtual Private Server)
  4. Woo Commerce
  5. Managed WordPress
  6. Dedicated

Along with these, Bluehost ensures sufficient offers regarding SEO services, content creation, market training, graphic design, and the list goes on.

Pros of Bluehost 
  • Reliable 99.99% guaranteed server uptime.
  • The upgraded speed limit for fast page loading with Cloudflare Integration.
  • The affordable price point in the offered packages. 
  • Easy and beginner-friendly user manual. 
  • Assure security service with a free SSL certificate, SiteLock Protection, unique IPS, and so on.
  • Expertise in customer care.
  • The convenience of 30 days refund.
  • C panel, site building opportunity, domain-specific emails, tutorials, and all these for free.
Cons of Bluehost 
  • Additional costing charge during migration. 
  • After exceeding the 30 days refund time limit, Bluehost does not accept any claims.
  • If the maximum bandwidth capacity is exceeded, Bluehost might cancel your hosting, but you will definitely receive a warning email beforehand.
Features that make Bluehost stand out

It is alright to be in a dilemma to choose which web host is better for your website. 


These are some of the features of Bluehost that makes it different from other web hosts. 

I. Reliable uptime service

Bluehost has one of the dependable server uptime. Consumers highly appreciate the near-perfect score of 99.99% uptime of Bluehost. As a result, the users prefer Bluehost after comparing its super competitive uptime guarantee with others.

II. Upgraded loading speed

With a promising upgrade in speed from 422 ms to 650 ms within one year. Bluehost has ensured its excellence by upgrading its speed performance. It introduced Cloudflare Integration for the increased computationally demanding sites.

III. Tempting price point

Due to its alluring pricing scheme, Bluehost has become the beginner’s first preference. A massive variety of features along with the cheapest deals is a total win-win situation for the users. 

IV. Bluehost’s a reasonable starting value pack.
  • Shared hosting – $2.95 / month and renewal costs $7.99 / month
  • Shared WordPress hosting – $2.95 / month and renewal costs $7.99 / month
  • Woo Commerce hosting -$6.95 / month and renewal costs $13.99 / month
  • VPS hosting -$18.99 / month and renewal costs $29.99 / month
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – $19.95 / month and renewal costs $29.99 / month
  • Dedicated hosting – $79.99 / month and renewal costs $119.99 / month
V. What’s the best deal?

If the value for a money strategy and huge feature variation did not convince you yet, then there’s this one big deal, which is the Bluehost 30 days money-back guarantee. 

VI. Bluehost’s first 30 days money-back guarantee

Yes, now you can freely check whether Bluehost ticks all your requirement boxes or not with their first 30 days refund policy. If you are not impressed, you can get all your money back within these 30 days. 

VII. Security and backup options

If you are concerned about your crucial personal or business website data’s security, then there’s nothing to worry about. Bluehost service package offers free SSL( Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Even Bluehost can provide you with a premium SSL certificate package if you prefer an upgrade in your website security system. This package will cost you $ 49.99 / month, which will be a suitable investment for any e-commerce website.

VIII. Skilled customer care

Variety in support options can easily attract the user’s attention. Users can choose live chat,24/7 toll-free phone calls, or email support considering their convenience. 

The Bluehost support team has the appropriate expertise to benefit the consumers having any queries.

IX. Bandwidth capacity

Bluehost offers unmetered bandwidth capacity to Its users having the shared hosting package. The bandwidth capacity, along with other facilities, change with the difference in web hosting packages.

2. InMotion Web Hosting

In choosing a web hosting service, the first issue that the user faces is that there are so many options to choose from.

So, to select the right one, the user demands and the web host features need to be on the same page. 

What is InMotion Web Hosting?

InMotion Web Hosting is considered to be one of the leading host providers in the industry. It has proven its worth with its jaw-dropping features and already has demonstrated expertise in the Shared and VPS hosting sectors. It will be a smart move for a business website to opt for InMotion Hosting for its immense features and reliability. 

Brief background of InMotion Hosting

In 2001, InMotion entered the web hosting industry with only three offices across the United States, to begin with. In recent times, it has two data centers in Los Angeles and Ashburn, Virginia.

Types of hosting

InMotion has five different types of hosting, which are

  1. Basic shared business hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated servers
  5. Reseller hosting

Pros of InMotion
  • Great contender for uptime server performance.
  • Remarkable high-speed performance in page loading their optimum speed zones.
  • Highly trained customer support team.
  • Provides unlimited disc space with free SSL, which comes with the basic program.
  • Offers migration services and backup recoveries free of cost.
Cons of InMotion
  • Advance annual payment
  • Relatively pricey basic plans
Why choose InMotion?

The overall combination of all the features of InMotion helps the user to have a fantastic web hosting experience. 

I. Solid uptime server performance

The uptime server performance matters a lot to many users, and the InMotion team respects that. Research shows that the InMotion uptime server tends to have an uptime of 99.97 %, which is a great deal. If you are looking for a solid uptime server performance in your web host service, then InMotion can be a strong contender. 

II. Dedicated loading speed

When it comes to loading speed, InMotion claims to be 20 times faster. It is usually considered to have a quicker response in the United States than in other regions.

III. Price point of InMotion Hosting

For a long term usage plan, InMotion can be a better and dependable option.

IV. Value packs with revealed prices
  • Lite- Retails for $2.49 / month for a three years plan and $4.99 / month for an annual plan.
  • Launch- Retails for $4.99 / month.
  • Power – Retails for $13.99 for an annual plan.
  • Pro- Retails for $12.99 / month.
  • WordPress hosting -Has six tiers, which retails for $4.99 and $114.99 / month.
  • VPS hosting -Managed version costs $27.99 / month, and unmanaged version costs $19.99 / month.
  • Dedicated hosting -Ranges in between $105 to $519.49 / month.

V. Available refund option

Still have doubts about InMotion’s subscription, then check out their first 90 days money-back guarantee. Customers can quickly get their full money back if InMotion does not meet their demands with this refund scheme.

VI. Advanced security management

InMotion has added unique features of automated security updates and multi-layered security programs solely for the user’s sake. It allows the consumers to cover two websites with one account, whereas major hosts permit only one. It has options for free hack protection, free domains as well as free backup services, which will surely impress anyone.

VII. Customer support

They have a wide range of customer care options, starting with toll-free phone calls, live chat, emails, support tickets, and even availability in one on one skype conversation 24/7. Their efforts surely grab the user’s attention and can convince them to purchase their easily accessible packages. 


3. HostGator Web Hosting

All the good things usually never come in a package deal, right? But what if it does? Yes, when it comes to web hosting, you might get lucky with the attractive features and amazing deals if you select HostGator as your ultimate web host service provider. 

What is HostGator?

HostGator is the top-ranked and hugely popular web hosting service in the entire globe. Starting with the top-notch uptime service to every other feature of the web hosting industry, HostGator is second to none.

Brief background of HostGator

HostGator had a pretty humble beginning in a dorm room of Florida Atlantic University in 2002. Currently, it has expanded its data centers all over the world and owned over 8 Million websites. 

Types of provided hosting

HostGator proved its expertise in the following types.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Cloud hosting
Pros of HostGator
  • Best and unbearable in market uptime server
  • Upgraded security system
  • Provides more facilities in the shared plans than its competitors
  • Super active and extensive knowledge-based customer care
  • Unlimited disc space and bandwidth
Cons of HostGator
  • Offered plans are slightly costlier than its top competitive hosts.
  • Server location stronger only in the United States
Is HostGator worth for your time and money?

Absolutely. Considering all the features of HostGator, it will certainly meet your expectations. 

I. Best uptime server in the market

If you are looking for tried and tested uptime service in the entire market, then HostGator should be on top of your list.


HostGator offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is the maximum as 100% uptime is unreal.

II. Standard loading speed

HostGator ensures fast loading speed for its users for their optimum utilization. This kind of consistent performance in both uptime and loading speed is ideal for any business website. 

III. HostGator price scheme

The pricing policy of the packages differs with the time. There is equivalent pricing for long-term plans, which turn out to be cheaper if bought earlier and in advance. 

IV. Value pack of HostGator with monthly startups
  1. Shared hosting – Promotional $2.75 -$5.95 / month and renewal $6.95 – $8.95 / month
  2. Managed WordPress – Promotional $5.95-$9.95 / month and renewal $7.95-$11.95 / month
  3. VPS hosting – Promotional $29.95-$49.95 / month and renewal $49.95-$69.95 / month
  4. Dedicated hosting – Promotional $118.99 – $148.95 / month and renewal $138.99 – $199 / month
  5. Cloud host – Promotional $4.95-$9.95 / month and renewal $7.95-$11.95 / month
V. HostGator money-back guarantee

Now you can try the offered packages and see whether you enjoy their service or not.

If not, then there’s nothing to worry about.

It is because HostGator comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee policy, which can extend even for one month.

VI. Security service

HostGator offers commendable security service to the user websites by providing a free SSL certificate along with protection against Denial of service (DOS) attacks. The other security features include highly secure facilities with restricted access, site lock security, starting at $1.94, and so on.

VII. Knowledge-based service support

The customer care team has the appropriate technical knowledge about their product and scheme. As a result, it becomes easy for them to clear doubts with their expanded knowledge base.

4. A2 Web Hosting

Have you ever considered A2 web hosting as your go-to web hosting site? Well, it surely deserves to be on the list of the best web host for small business in 2020. 

What is A2 Web Hosting?

A2 Web Hosting is a web hosting service provider which is considered to be the best in the market for its over the top performance in Cloud hosting. Users highly appreciated its speedy and flexible managed WordPress plan.

Types of hosting

A2 web hosting offers six different hosting varieties. These are

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  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. VPS hosting
  5. Dedicated hosting
  6. Reseller hosting
Brief background of A2 Web Hosting

In 2001, A2 Hosting started its journey with the name Inquinet in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


It has recently expanded its data centers all over North America, Europe as well as in Asia.

Pros of A2 Web Hosting
  • Standardized uptime server guaranteed.
  • Highly rated, super alert customer service team.
  • Ensures proper security and fast speed loading time.
  • Enticing anytime money refund scheme.
  • Provider of free domain, SSL certificate, and much more.
Cons of A2 Web Hosting
  • Does not provide the most competitive uptime service.
  • Relatively expensive than the other competitive web host services.
  • Slow sign-up process.
Features of A2 Web Hosting

For a smooth web hosting experience, A2 Hosting can definitely score great. Its features will help the users to get a better idea about its offered hosting services.

I. Up to the mark uptime service

A2 Hosting does not claim to have top-notch server uptime but claims an uptime service of 99.90%. But in reality, the uptime server is reported to perform even better. It exceeds the limit on an average, from 99.90% to almost 99.95% and above. So, it can be said that A2 Hosting provides a pretty standard uptime service. 

II. Suitable page loading speed

A2 hosting claims to be 20 times faster than the other competitive web hosts. 

The packages are organized in both free and premium sections for the customers to choose from according to their usability. A2 Hosting offers easy Cloudflare setup from the cPanel control panel. A2 Hosting recommends Cloudflare as it is the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

III. Incredible customer service

The customer service team of A2 Hosting liked to be called The Guru Crew. They provide all sorts of technical assistance 24/7 via live chat, toll-free calls, email, and so on. The super responsive Guru Crew is always ready to respond to any relevant queries. 

IV. Price point of A2 Hosting

For many customers, the costing charge comes first in consideration before purchasing any web host services. Keeping that in mind, the starting, as well as the renewal prices of A2 Hosting, is given below.

V. A2 Hosting with the starting value pack
  1. Shared hosting – $1.98 / month and renewal costs $5.99 to 18.99 / month
  2. WordPress hosting – $1.98 / month and renewal costs $5.99 to 18.99 / month
  3. VPS hosting – $5 / month and renewal costs $5 / month to $99.99 / month
  4. Cloud hosting -$5 / month a renewal costs $5 to $15 / month
  5. Dedicated hosting – $99.59 / month and renewal costs $119.99 to $ 192.99 / month
  6. Reseller hosting – $9.80 / month and renewal costs $19.99 to $61.99 / month
VI. Security service

A2 hosting provides not only free SSL certification but also works above and beyond to ensure website security. It also provides free Hackscan protection, and 24/7 monitoring prevents unauthorized user access.

VII. Money-back guarantee

A2 Hosting does not include any time limit for the money-back scheme. If the users are not impressed and uninterested in continuing further, the company provides a full refund anytime.

VIII. Value added services

A2 Hosting provides a cPanel control panel facility along with an SSL certificate and site migration for absolutely free of cost. A2 Hosting arranges environment-friendly web hosting programs like Green Hosting Solutions. This company also has various discounted packages for non-profit businesses. 

5. Hostinger Web Hosting

If you have a tight budget for web hosting, but you are not ready to compromise with the performance quality and the features. Then you need to check out the Hostinger web hosting. 

What is Hostinger web hosting?

Hostinger web hosting is a hosting service provider that is best known for its affordable web hosting plans. It is an excellent option for the startup for small businesses as it offers discounted prices. 

Types of hosting

Hostinger manages four different types of hosting. 

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. WordPress hosting
  4. Cloud hosting
Brief background of Hostinger

Hostinger was first introduced in 2004 in Lithuania. In 2011, Hostinger hit the milestone of 1 million users. It expanded its data centers in seven countries globally and now has almost 29 million users with 10,000 new subscribers signing in every day.

Pros of Hostinger
  • Offers the most affordable web hosting plans with unlimited discounts and starts with just $0.99 / month.
  • Easy to access
  • Covers both Windows and Linux hosting in addition to Windows hosting on VPS
  • Has a robust multilingual customer support
Cons of Hostinger
  • Comparatively low uptime with a guarantee of 99.90%.
  • Does not offer any sort of dedicated plan.
  • Lacks phone support.
Is Hostinger web host recommendable?

Yes, sure. All the amazing features for great pricing are definitely a steal deal.

Features of Hostinger
I. Uptime performance

Hostinger offers some exciting web hosting features, and let’s be honest, uptime is definitely not one of them. Uptime is not the forte of Hostinger. They claim the uptime server performance to be 99.90%, but the status report proves it to be 99.937%.

II. Loading speed

Hostinger maintains fast loading speed and ensures lagging free experience. As a result, the customers can hardly complain about slow page loading speed, which is its plus point. 

III. Appealing costing charge

The most interesting fact about Hostinger web host is its extremely affordable price point, which starts as low as $0.99. I bet you can’t get anything lower than this price range. 

IV. Most affordable value pack
  1. Shared hosting – single plan start up to $0.99 / month.
  2. WordPress hosting- starter plan $2.15 / month
  3. Cloud hosting – start-up $7.45 / month
  4. VPS hosting – Iv CPU plan $3.95 / month
V. Money-back guarantee

Hostinger also provides 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can simply try and test whether you like it or not.

VI. Security system

Like most of the ideal security systems, Hosting supports free SSL certification in their approach. In order to upgrade the security, there is a provision for additional charges only if the customer requires it. The upgraded security system includes Comodo Positive SSL, which is the best plan for the e-commerce business. Another new addition is two-factor authentication. It consists of both user email and phone number to verify the account. 

VII. Unique customer care

The multilingualism of the support team of Hostinger is one of the unique traits of their services. They provide 24/7 active live chat, email support. But one of the major drawbacks is that they lack phone support. 

6.GreenGeeks web Hosting

GreenGeek should be their ultimate web host for those who support the eco-friendly movement and care about green hosting.

What is GreenGeek?

GreenGeek is an eco-conscious web hosting service that claims to utilize renewable energy by restoring the consumed back into the grid.

Types of hosting
  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Reseller hosting
Pros of GreenGeek
  • Eco-conscious web hosting.
  • Render website migration and daily backups for free of cost.
  • Allows unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Updated with latest technology PHP7, SSD, CDN.
Cons of GreenGeek
  • Low uptime of 99.90% guarantee
  • Less hosting types
Features of GreenGeek
I. Uptime

The uptime of GreenGeek is just like Hostinger, and the server guarantee is 99.90%.

II. Page loading speed

GreenGeek offers a pretty decent loading speed, which will be satisfactory for a small business website. 

III. Value pack of GreenGeek
  1. Shared hosting – $2.95 -$11.95 / month
  2. WordPress hosting – $2.95-$11.95 / month
  3. VPS hosting – $39.95-$34.95 / month
  4. Reseller hosting – $19.95-$34.95 / month

IV. 30 days money-back guarantee

GreenGeek provides a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee policy for the users.

V. Upgraded security

GreenGeek updated its security system with the latest technology of PHP7, SSD, CDN, and much more.

VI. Customers care

GreenGeek has a super supportive customer care team working relentlessly 24/7 on their live chats, phone calls, emails, etc.

7. AccuWeb Web Hosting

AccuWeb is a competent U.S. based web hosting company which provides reliable web hosting service to its users.

Types of hosting
  1. WordPress hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
Pros of AccuWeb
  • Reliable uptime and loading speed
  • Dedicated and affordable hosting plans
  • User-friendly data plans
  • Helpful customer support
  • Offers $1000 worth scholarship to those who make a video on This round.
Cons of AccuWeb
  • Allows six months payment system. Lacks month to month shared hosting plans.
  • Not allowed to choose a preferable data center.
Features of AccuWeb
I. Uptime and page loading service

AccuWeb provides optimum uptime and loading service to its users.

II. Price package

The drawback of AccuWeb’s value pack is that it doesn’t allow any monthly payment system. It only allows six months payment duration. 

  1. VPS hosting -$48.99
  2. WordPress hosting -$25
  3. Cloud hosting -$29.94
  4. Dedicated hosting -$105
III. Upgraded security

AccuWeb provides updated security facilities to the customers.

IV. Customer service

The customer service is 24/7 alert for any queries from the web host users.

8. Pressable Web Hosting

Pressable is also one of the popular web hosting services for its noteworthy performance. 

Brief background

In 2010, the co-founder of WordPress software, Matt Mullenweg, established Pressable. The company named Automattic, which is behind WordPress, owns Pressable.

Pros of Pressable
  • Spontaneous daily backups
  • Provision for infinite data storing
  • Allows free SSL service along with CDN
  • Free site migration
  • Unique features of staging, page caching, malware scanning, and much more.
Cons of Pressable
  • Prohibits Cloud platform choice
  • Domain is not for sale.
  • Limited customer service time
Features of Pressable
I. Uptime and speed

Pressable is a pretty standard web host with a decent uptime guarantee. But it possesses a high-speed loading of 550 ms, which is really appreciable. 

II. Price of the offered plans

Pressable has three types of usage plans. The plans with their values are given below.

  1. Basic use – $ 25 / month
  2. Moderate use- $135 / month
  3. High volume – $750 / month
III. Money refund

Pressable has a provision of 90 days money back policy, which allows customers to test their plans without any risk. 

IV. Security settings

Pressable ensures proper security settings with free SSL certification and CDN service. Its malware scanning, page caching, and most importantly, automatic data backups on a daily basis come absolutely handy.

V. Customer care

Along with friendly customer support, team Pressable works very hard to impress their customers. But customer care has some shortcomings, like limited hour customer service. 

9. GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy is a popular web host that is mostly recognized for its mass advertisement scheme. This web host is well accepted for both personal and commercial web hosting purposes. 

Types of hosting

GoDaddy basically has five different types of hostings.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Reseller hosting
Pros of GoDaddy
  • Easily accessible with feature-rich cPanel
  • Incredibly super-fast loading speed
  • Free domain with tailored plans suitable for the website users
  • Built-in marketing tools which come in extremely handy
  • Award-winning support team
  • Manages more than 80 million domains
Cons of GoDaddy
  • Lacks cloud hosting
  • Average uptime of 99.05%
  • Slightly expensive compared to its other competitors
  • Can be annoying due to lack of SSL, Migration in the basic plan
Traits of GoDaddy
I. Average uptime

GoDaddy has an acceptable uptime of 99.05%, which is definitely not its strength. It works pretty well for small businesses. 

II. Speed limit

The loading speed of GoDaddy is exceptionally fast, which can help you expand your small business. The users seem to be satisfied with the loading speed regardless of the selected plans. 

III. Detailed pricing of GoDaddy
  1. Shared hosting-
  • Economy pack – starter $ 5.99 / month
  • Deluxe pack – starter $ 7.99 / month
  • Ultimate pack – starter $ 12.99 / month
  • Maximum pack – starter $ 19.99 / month

2. WordPress hosting –

  • Basic plan – starts at $ 6.99 / month, renews at $ 9.99 / month
  • Deluxe plan – starts at $ 9.99 / month, renews at $ 14.99 / month
  • Ultimate plan – starts at $ 12.99 / month, renews at $ 19.99 / month
  • Pro 5+ plan – starts at $ 29.99 / month, renews at $19.99 / month

3.VPS hosting –

  • Launch – $ 24.99 / month
  • Enhance – $ 34.99 / month
  • Grow – $ 44.99 / month
  • Expand – $ 54.99 / month

4.Dedicated hosting –

  • Economy – $ 89.99 / month
  • Value – $ 104.99 / month
  • Delux – $ 129.99 / month
  • Ultimate – $ 179.99 month

5. Reseller hosting –

  • Enhanced – $ 39.99 / month
  • Grow – $ 49.99 / month
  • Expand – $ 64.99 / month
  • Established – $ 89.99 / month
IV. Security and customer care

GoDaddy serves proper security and customer care, which is enough for the small business website.

10. Dreamhost Web Host

Dreamhost earned its fame as a complete package deal for small business web hosting. If you are looking for a feature-rich web host but in an affordable package deal, then Dreamhost should be on your list.

Types of hosting
  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Cloud hosting
  5. Dedicated hosting
Pros of Dreamhost
  • Avails easy website building tools
  • Customizable control panel
  • Low renewal pricing
  • Phenomenal performance in Cloud hosting along with WordPress staging features
  • Strong security system
  • Outstanding offers for non-profit businesses

Cons of Dreamhost
  • No phone support
  • Additional charging for technical support
  • Difficult migratory process
Features of Dreamhost
I. Above-average uptime service and page loading

Dream host avails a 99.94% uptime guarantee, which is commendable in the web hosting market.

With a loading speed of 648 ms, Dreamhost is playing pretty solid.

II. Costing

Shared hosting – 

The starter pack costs 2.95 / month with a one-year commitment, and the unlimited package costs 4.95 / month.

Free trial

Dreamhost claims the most extended free trial session, which is about 97 days.

Security system 

Dreamhouse offers strong security for its users.

II. Customer care

Customer support is definitely not the strength of Dreamhost. It lacks phone call support and also not 24/7 available on live chats. 

Wrap Up

Before you jump to a conclusion, know what you want and what is best for you. There are some facts that you must keep in mind before purchasing any web host plan. These points are described below in brief.

The web hosting plan should definitely match the category of your content.It is a smart decision to choose an easily accessible web host plan to avoid future complications. 

One of the great tips in buying a web hosting plan for a small business is to start with a beginner-friendly package deal in an affordable value pack. The free trial sessions are blessings in disguise for beginners. So take advantage of the free trials. 

The reputation of a website largely depends on its uptime as well as its page loading speed. It is easy to impress with the fast loading speed and higher uptime percentage. 

A website hosting plan with unlimited data storage and automated backup facilities should be given the highest priority. It is better to search for a web host having a knowledgeable support team with maximum interacting options. 


It is one of the most important details to be careful about. Investing in a trustworthy website, having a robust security system is a must. These are some of the tips to keep in mind before investing in any web hosting plans for your business website. 

So What are you waiting for?

After reading this detailed article about the best web host for 2020, you surely got an idea about all the different web hosts with their precise specifications. It should be easier for you to decide which web host works best for your business. 

So, don’t waste your time and get started with your personalized business website.


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