10 best small business ideas encourage anyone to a successful startup

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Nowadays, people are looking for more than one career at a time. They almost want to becomes a self-employed. A best small business idea can make you a successful entrepreneur and maybe send you to Summit of entrepreneurs.  First of all, Start-up a business is associated with a huge amount of money and risk. Consequently, people lose ground from the unique business idea.  Some of them hesitate opening side business because of employer’s restriction. Furthermore, family members become a barrier to start a business.

A side business idea not only pays return but only makes you self-dependent. An innovative business idea can certainly discover you as a boss.  Once you reap right seed of a unique idea, you will be your own boss. You will earn a significant amount of money and your lifestyle will be improved. To do so, it requires significant effort, willingness, and devoutness. To start a business, you must keep in mind about the skills and experiences you have. A lot of small business ideas are out there. Choose which one is fit for you considering your available resources. We are suggesting you some trending business ideas which seem like little investment or no investment. It doesn’t also require high-level experience. Anyone can pick the following ideas.


Café and Restaurant:

Opening a restaurant or café is almost a trending business idea. It requires a small amount of investment. There must be some government restrictions before operating business activities. The licenses may include Business opening license, Business Identification Number (BIN), Employer Certificate, Food license, liquor license, Music play permit etc. To do the successful start-up, research and development are necessary. To do so, some irrecoverable cost (Sunk Cost) may be incurred. As a successful entrepreneur, you should follow some steps while opening a Café or restaurant:

  • Conducting Market Research: Ask yourself. Who is your customer? Who is your competitor? Which location you are going to operate the business? What menu items available in your location? Collect those data from various sources. Analyze those data and find out your strengths and opportunity. Find out your competitive advantages.
  • Prepare menu items: Based on your strengths and opportunities, prepare menus for possible customers.
  • Write a business plan: A business plan is essential when you look for funding. It also directs you to reach out business goal. To attract investment and banks, a good looking realistic simple business plan is inevitable.
  • Collection of Fund: Ascertainment of start-up costs is necessary to raise fund. Furniture and equipment may be leased from the leasing company. The proper identification of operating cost will ensure day to day operating activities.
  • Location: A suitable location necessary to get potential customers. The location should be in a convenient place.
  • Others: license, staffs, an advertisement is a crucial thing to successfully start-up business.


Fitness Center:

Starting a fitness center is one of the best small business ideas. According to Statista, the market share of the global health club industry is 87.23bn USD and in the United States, the revenue of health club industry is 27.6bn USD. The huge number of fitness cautious people increasing day by day tends to start a small business idea like health and fitness club. Research your potential market and identify which types of facilities you are going to offer. Some license like business license, fitness related license may require opening fitness center.  Some types of fitness center are shown below:

  • Gyms to reducing weight and muscle building
  • Yoga training for relaxation
  • Aerobic flexibility
  • Dance for balancing
  • Athletic for competing sports etc.

e-commerce store:

Creating an eCommerce store is very easy and lucrative if you have an online business idea. It a growing business idea in today’s world. In e-commerce business transactions are performed over online. There no physical outlet to sell products. You need to build up B2B relationship to operate an e-commerce store that means you are selling products from other companies on your website. When someone buys products from your website, you will earn a commission. Below some steps opening an e-commerce store:

  • Selecting the name of your store
  • Purchasing domain
  • Purchasing a hosting service
  • Buying positive SSL service
  • Building up a lucrative website
  • Placing product information
  • Marketing your website on Google and other social media platform

Daycare Center:

It’s a service to take care of children whose parents remain busy with work in day times. This service can be offered in a home or in a commercial center. The daycare service ensures safety, nutrition, education, and child development. Opening a daycare center is an innovative business idea in today’s world because parents are becoming busy with work day by day. Below, some steps to open a daycare center:

  • Obtaining daycare related degree
  • Gaining work experience
  • Making the realistic business plan
  • Earning certificate regarding Daycare
  • Performing Daycare service

Consignment shop:

In a consignment business idea, there are three parties involved in the business process. The consignor is the owner of the goods. Consignee is the seller of goods. And customers buy goods from consignee’s shop. Consignee receives goods from consignor for selling in a shop. If goods remain unsold consignor has the right to take back the remaining goods. Consignee earns commission on sold items. Below some steps to conduct consignment business:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Decorating the retail store
  • Making the agreement with a consignor
  • Performing marketing activities
  • Maintaining inventory records etc.

Event Planning Service:

Today, event planning business is one of the top small business ideas. There is a lot of event planning business available to start a business including wedding event planning, corporate event planning, Bassett Event planning, MKG Event planning, colin cowie event planning, Racanelli event planning etc. Before starting event planning business, you must have knowledge about event management. You have to choose a niche in which you are strong to deliver reliable service. Below some steps of event planning business:

  • Market research
  • Targeting market
  • Determining startup costs
  • Operating events
  • Revenue and expenses
  • Conducting marketing activities

Freelance Makeup Artist:

It is one of the most popular small business idea in the world. Freelancer makeup artist is an artist who performs activities without having any shop or permanent place. In conducting makeup service, you must have a cosmetology license to maintain professionalism. Below some steps to become a freelance Makeup artist:

  • You must gather skills regarding cosmetology
  • You should have experience related to cosmetology
  • Earning cosmetology certificate
  • Taking average remuneration
  • Making portfolio
  • Performing marketing activities


Photography is becoming popular as a unique business idea. In doing so, you should have knowledge and experience about photography. It is also a trending online business idea because taking a photo of different places is being sold online.  To become a photographer, there is not a hard and fast rule to apply. You need a high-quality camera and need to know the usage of it. The techniques of capturing photo are vital to gain success in the arena.

Social Media Consultant:

A social media consultant is a public relations agent. They perform marketing activities of different companies to increase brand value. The consultant adds value to the company for boosting sales.  They usually work on social media pages to bring traffic to the company’s website. The growing number of social media users encourage companies to hire a consultant. A skilled consultant also enhances the reputation of a company. To become a social media consultant, you should follow some guidelines-

  • Get training about social media platform
  • Conduct market research
  • Select which type of service you can offer
  • Determine your company niches
  • Select a company name
  • Create product and services catalog
  • Add some portfolio to attract clients
  • Offer competitive price to potential customers

Travel Planner:

An agency to help travelers to reach their destination is travel planning business. If you like traveling, want to help others, have sound knowledge about desired places, you may consider starting a travel planning business. To start this business, you should follow some steps:

  • Conduct market research about potential customers
  • Identify your competitors
  • Determine services that you can be offered
  • Select business name
  • Perform marketing activities
  • Offer competitive price to travelers.

Finally, reading this article, if a small business idea matches with your skills and experience it is high time to set your business goal. start planning your business for upcoming periods. A complete business plan can assist you to reach a destination. At the time of making a plan, assess startup costs and identify cost item that may incur start a business. Consider making a financial plan, operational plan, a management plan even more for operating your business successfully.

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